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I3 Self-Care

Programme Contents

This programme is designed to help parents and carers deal with anxiety, stress, and provide mental health support.


Triple P - Positive Parenting Programme

7-week Positive Parenting Programme group for parents of teenagers. Find out new ways to manage and improve expectations and behaviours, and relationships.

Group Teen Triple P is a broad-based parenting intervention delivered over seven weeks for parents of teenagers up to 16 years who are interested in learning a variety of parenting skills. Parents may be interested in promoting their teenager’s development and potential or they may have concerns about their teenager’s behaviour. The programme involves five two hour group sessions of up to 12 parents.

Who is it for?
Parents or caregivers who have concerns about their teenager’s behavioural problems or simply wish to prevent behavioural problems from developing. Parents who have completed lower-level interventions and have not achieved the goals they want may benefit from a Group Teen Triple P intervention. Parents need to be able to commit to all seven sessions.

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Mum and Dad Need a Rest

Mum and Dad Need a Rest is a FREE community event created to support parents and carers to have respite and look after their wellbeing.

Parents and carers taking time out to rest do not mean that they do not love their children. However, parents and carers do need time to rest and get the respite they so deserve.

The well-being of the parents and carers is very important for children. Parents and carers need rest for their self-care and overall mental well-being.

This event creates an opportunity for parents and carers to take out time to rest. They can choose to do anything that gives them peace and rest, while the children are at the event.

In these uncertain times, when the cost of bills is skyrocketing, the best part is that this event is completely FREE! That means you can rest assured that your child(ren) will be left in the hands of qualified professionals at no extra charge to you!

However, due to limited places, we can only cater for so many children at this event. Register your child(ren) today to take part in this fantastic opportunity!

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CPSL Mind Calm Space

Calm Space exercises include Breathing, Meditation and Visualisation among others.

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5 Ways to Well-Being

CPSL Mind will cover the 5 ways to well-being, which underpin the work we do in the community and are crucial to maintaining your personal well-being, we will discuss these and devise our well-being plans.

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