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About us

Here at the I3 Parent Hub, we understand the many difficulties that parents face when trying to raise their kids. And that’s why we’ve decided to launch the I3 Parent Hub, a community hub founded by a community of parents for parents and carers.

At the I3 Parent Hub, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of creative, innovative, and inclusive, educational and support programmes for parents and carers, while at the same time providing an avenue for parents and carers to simply hang out and socialise with other families.

Parents and carers can also seek information, advice, and guidance, on what other services and resources are available to support them on their parenting journey and provide information on opportunities to enable parents and carers to make the most of a range of extracurricular activities of what Cambridgeshire has to offer to further encourage their child’s holistic development.

Who is this Parent Hub for?

Our parents’ and carers’ results are the most important measure of our success. They drive every decision we make and everything we do, every single day. Because the truth is, parenting can be a very tough and lonely path, but it doesn’t have to be. And we don’t want it to be for any parent or carer.

This is why we’re paving the way for a new kind of community parent hub. One that is:


A Community that enables parents and carers to come together.


A Central Hub that Inspires Parents and Carers to Integrate their child’s learning at school with home learning.


We recognise that parents and carers come from varying backgrounds and experiences and our partners recognise this, which is why we offer programmes that enable parents and carers to learn how to be their best at their own pace.

We cater to both male and female parents and carers with babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers up to the age of 18 years. We also cater to new and expectant mothers who need advice, support, and a helping hand to start their parenting journey.

Oh, did we mention it, it’s FREE to signup & join our community! Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for our latest I3 Community Parent Hub News and get Parent Inspiration and Tips.

As a member of our I3 Parent Hub Community, you’ll get access to NEW TRAINING and FREE RESOURCES on the most important parent topics that matter to you. You’ll also have an opportunity to have your say in what you’d like us to offer you in the near future to better support you on your parenting journey.

That way, you can always stay on top of the latest support and training in parenting.