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I3 Mental Health and Well-Being

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

An adverse childhood experience refers to a traumatic event in a child’s history. Learn how to provide the support that is so desperately needed.

Adverse circumstances can have a negative impact on anyone’s life, but children and young people are particularly vulnerable. They might face difficult circumstances such as the death or divorce of parents, domestic violence, or national and international disasters. These types of adverse childhood experiences can have an impact on their development and mental health, which may continue into adulthood and affect their life chances. This fully online course will give you the skills you need to support children and young people affected by adverse childhood experiences. You will gain insight into how to strengthen their resilience and empower them to overcome the challenges they face.

This course is nationally accredited.

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Behaviour That Challenges

Many people who are struggling with challenging behaviour need guidance to support them towards recovery.

Behaviour that challenges is one of our most popular courses, simply because of the vast array of topics it covers. Behaviours can stem from a variety of causes including feelings of anxiety and stress, external factors like neglect and abuse or physical conditions like dementia and learning difficulties. Whether you’re a concerned parent, caregiver, teacher or just generally wanting support an individual with challenging behaviour, this course can enable you to understand the causes of challenging behaviour and teach you practices helping individuals manage their behaviour.

This course is nationally accredited.

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Children and Young People's Mental Health

Mental health problems affect around 1 in 10 children and young people. It’s a troublesome issue which is being spoken about more and more, but many people still feel they don’t have the education to support young people properly. This course is designed to give an overview of various mental health problems and provides ways to support young people and children. Covering a multitude of topics from depression, anxiety, cyberbullying and more this course is essential for any adult concerned about a child or young person in their care.

This course is nationally accredited.

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Free Mental Health Training

Raising awareness for mental health could save lives. Learn about the importance of conversation and how opening up can help those who have kept their feelings hidden.

Mental health presents one of the greatest challenges to our society. With an estimated, 450 million people worldwide suffering from a mental health problem, around a quarter of British adults will experience some form of mental health problem within the course of a year. While many elements of mental health are still not understood, having a good knowledge of the information that is available is essential in the care sector.

This course is nationally accredited.

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Power-Up! A Wellbeing Family-friendly Festival

A Wellbeing Festival for Children, Teens, Young People, Parents, Carers and Families including FREE Hot Food!

The Power-Up Festival is FREE but pre-registration is essential for catering.

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