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Playing with Stories

Encourage a love of books within the family, and learn gentle ways to support communication skills through storytelling with your child aged 0-4.

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Course Contents

Aims:– Encourage a love of books and stories within the whole family through playing with picture books– Increase confidence your own ability as a storyteller– Learn ways in which looking at stories together can boost communication skills for children aged 0-4In each session we will:– Have a storytime, with props and singing and silliness, modelling ways you can use books at home beyond a straight forward reading– Meet a homemade ‘puppet’ or character made from bits and bobs, linked to the theme– Suggest and model a craft/ activity/ adventure you could do at home– Share an idea to grow at home to do with communication skills

Week 1 NoisesHow picture book sharing can be noisy and fun and expressive. Thinking about all the different ways we communicate with our children, and how they communicate with us. Using books to share ideas. Thinking about all the noises we can make!Week 2 FacesHow picture books can support us to talk about emotions. Pulling faces, and having a giggle together! Looking carefully at faces in picture books and wondering how the characters feel.Week 3 The World Around UsHow picture books can reflect our everyday lives, and show us things we’ve never seen before. Singing songs about what we do, and telling stories about our favourite things.

*Two week break*Week 4 Building our Own StoriesRecapping all the activities and themes we have done over the last three weeks. Asking for favourites, talking about what made us laugh, what surprised us. Gathering ways to write our own story book at home!

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The next course is going to be Virtual, please check the resources.


Rose Feather

Rose Feather is a storyteller and community picture book maker, with five years experience making books and stories with groups of children and adults.With a background in illustration and museum studies, Rose brings a creative approach to storytelling and likes to encourage a lot of messy play! Rose is a mum to her own toddler, and loves to join in at her local Stay and Play as ‘illustrator in residence’.


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